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'A Universal Primitive' - The physical act of initiation, ‘A Not Knowing’, provokes a process of intuitive exploration of the poetic junctions between control and phenomena.

This wide open practice is based on the recognition of ‘The Natural’ or ‘Primitive’ as an approach to a spirit-realized form emanating from the energy within the matter found and an exchange with the subconscious-physical being of the initiator.

The interchange, combined directions and the assembled results of parts and process expose and evolve into a being/object of a deeper power, physicality and uncommon contemplative visual language.

The intent of this object process is to evoke a greater harmonic within the viewer/object interchange experience, the work being ultimately completed through the viewer’s unique exchange with the artwork. The viewer/object experience becomes as a continuum of the phenomenological process of the originally initiated act and informs an ongoing perceptual redefining of the object/event.


Glenn's work has been exhibited extensively throughout California and is held in the collections of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, the Monterey Museum of Art, the Museum of Art and History Santa Cruz County in Santa Cruz, the Yosemite Museum in Yosemite. Glenn was born in San Francisco, California, and he lives and works in Santa Cruz, California.

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