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32" x 40"



The art of Erin Goodwin-Guerrero explores the fundamental issues of religious and scientific world-views within the dialectics of heaven and earth, life and death, and good vs. evil. Most of her imagery is loaded with content that is accessible to the patient viewer. Titles, as well, are a clue to the thinking of this satirical social critic. Over the years, a number of themes recur in her art: boxing as metaphor for struggle for the survival of the underdog, death as an eternal actor in the drama of life, the sexual/sensual undercurrent of most human ritual, and the search for, and abuse of truth. Her work often presents her own myth-making narratives and includes guest appearances by legendary figures from art and cultural history.

Erin Goodwin-Guererro - Why the Rooster is Cocky and the Raptor is Proud

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