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Reid Winfrey has always been able to draw and holds realism as the honest test of a draftsman. As an instructor at Cogswell Polytechnic College, Reid had the opportunity to study and practice realistic rendering. As an artist, he approaches realism in terms of the challenge of creating images that have “painterliness,” or the sensuality of paint and color and obvious hand of the painter. His work has been shown throughout California and the United States as well as Europe and Asia.



Reid has been painting and teaching art and design for many years.  He has exhibited in galleries and museums all over the U.S., and in England and Japan. 

Since receiving his MFA from San Jose State University in 1985 Reid has created and exhibited consistently strong bodies of work and in each new body his technical expertise and draftsmanship meld with his ideas and chosen subject matter. The result has always been works that are at once accessible and sophisticated.

Reid is retired from his position as Professor of digital arts and animation at Cogswell Polytechnic College in Sunnyvale, California and ow works full time in his Santa Cruz studio.

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