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Dag Weiser has been producing multi-media art projects in Santa Cruz County for 30 years. In 1974 he moved to Soquel and helped establish the Gazag Art Co-operative, a large family of fine and graphic artists, sign painters, muralists, and sculptors. In 1979 he moved to Santa Cruz, and got closely involved in the burgeoning Santa Cruz punk rock scene as a sound-collageist and poster artist, while making a living working for the art departments of The Sun and The Independent. Dag has worked extensively with dance and performance artists Therese Adams and Leslie Swaha of Moving and Storage Performance Company/Crash, Burn and Die Dance Company, creating elaborate props and sets. His cardboard art was featured in the Assemblage, Collage and Construction exhibit at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz. in 2010 and the museum featured four large stairway constructions of Dag's, each spanning the entire three-story space. Since 1976, when Dag helped create the first and only completely cardboard boat to compete in the annual Capitola Begonia Float Parade, cardboard has been his medium of choice. 

Dag is also a recipient of the prestigious Gail Rich Award for artistic contributions to the city of Santa Cruz.

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