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At the age of twelve, my friend’s mother decided my friend and I needed to take our first life drawing class at the Art Students League in New York City. The moment I walked into that building I felt I had entered a world I did not want to leave.


There have been many experiences and influences since then that have kept me engaged in art making over the years. What still drives me along this path is the crazy desire to translate a multidimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. There is an indescribable feeling I have when this occurs. For me, this is the wonder of creating visual art.  


Because the world is constantly changing, the content of my work changes as well. Whether I am working on landscapes, figures, or abstracts, my foundational instinct remains the same.  As I move color and marks around on paper, canvas, or panel, I wait for that mysterious moment when, out of seemingly nowhere, something surfaces that is both seen and felt. Each time this happens, I am left in a state of awe.

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