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My art is about life. My sculptures are a combination of the past and present. I have a deep affinity toward the materials I work with, a sense of emotion for what the material was originally used for and now what it will become in my hands. These thoughts direct me on my path as I work. My sculptures emerge with patterns. I take one piece of steel, add to it, delete from it, add to it. I am constantly discovering. When a sculpture contains all of my creative energies, I am done. My technique is brute force, decide-at-the-moment. The interesting shapes and textures of metal; the patterns and grains; all entice me. I am fascinated with form. My aspiration is to make sculpture that is completely unique, to resist conformity and mass production. My art is as individual as I am.


I use metal that I find throughout the western US from metal scrap yards. I also find interesting pieces of metal along the highways and byways. Each piece of metal I collect may spend years in my studio, on a shelf or in a pile, until I “rediscover” it while searching for just the right piece for the next sculpture. I am a “direct metal” welder. I use a wire-feed welder and plasma cutter to cut and weld the pieces of metal together into the forms I desire. I work continuously on each piece until I decide it is finished. It may take me only hours or many days to finish a sculpture. Once a piece is finished, I often immediately name it, usually the first name that comes to my mind when I look at the finished piece. Often I will coat a sculpture with a clear powder-coat, or paint it to preserve its appearance, as often I will simply leave the piece to patina on its own in the weather – bringing out its natural beauty.


Jeff began direct metal sculpting in 2001 when, during a move, he discovered an unused welding set in the back of his father-in-law’s garage. When he asked if he could use it, he agreed. Jeff has been in love with sculpting metal since that day. Steel sculpting allows him to easily express his emotions, dreams, and visions.

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