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I am a self taught artist and have been with pencil and paper since the age of three. I have been continuously driven to create ever since. My years of artistic exploration has been open to all mediums, but the pencil to paper has always felt to be my natural choice of expression. There is something about this combination that not only makes visual sense to me, but the tactile feel of pencil to paper and the flow of line that I am able to emit through this form has become second nature. This practice truly has become my voice.


Nature is her muse. Karen explores the natural world and spends a great deal of time outdoors through her daily practice of tai chi and running. Karen's 'Botanicalia' series is the result of these daily practices. Karen writes,  " The breath of line and flow, and the expression of freedom in form inspired by the natural world of flora and fauna and the great outdoors; all of which my work is a manifestation. That is my purpose as an artist." 

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