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Inspired by the spoken word, I reinterpret collected slang, derogatory words and worn, thoughtlessly sanctioned expressions to create pieces that explore the fragility of family dynamics, gender roles, social issues and the intricacies of our lives.


Language is the vehicle that takes me on a journey of realizing a piece or body of work, while humor and heartache are often the engine running the machine. I work in materials essential to each piece; from metal to bone, cigarette butts to rose petals, fabric to photographs creating, what I hope are, humorous, thought provoking and occasionally disturbing three-dimensional objects and conceptual garments. If the viewer is moved to laughter, tears or a moment of reflection, then I’ve reached my destination.


Rose Sellery is a Santa Cruz artist working with sculpture, conceptual garments, installations, and photomontage. The primary theme found in Rose's work is human dynamics – the fragility of the family, gender roles, social issues and the intricacies of our relationships to one another, and the mysteries of who we are.


Rose is the co-director of Pivot: The Art of Fashion, a performance-based business that brings art and fashion together with custom tailored events and innovative collaborations. She has curated art exhibits and fashion events around California and has exhibited artwork nationally and internationally. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the coveted Gail Rich Award. Rose was one of the driving forces behind FashionART Santa Cruz for nine years and also managed the Cabrillo College Gallery in Aptos, California for many years.

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