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Marti Somers takes you into her world of colorful canvases and abstract narrations as she explores the fragility of nature in contrast to modern life, the human form in balance with other living creatures, and ultimately, the magic found in an ordinary day. Her paintings offer up hope for the observer as well as raise questions of deep concern. "Will Earth survive US?" she asks. 

A native Californian, Marti received a BFA at the University of Hawaii. She returned to California and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator at Stanford University  She went on to build a partnership with her Stanford colleagues, and opened  Artefact Design, a four-woman owned, full service design studio during the dot-com boon in Palo Alto, California, Somers is a nationally recognized and award winning illustrator, which she believes paved the path to fullfill her destiny as a visual artist. In 2001, she embarked on a full-time painting career and, shortly after opened Studio Believe.

Marti currently splits her time with her husband, Mike McCarthy in two cities:  San Carlos, California and Austin, Texas. 

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