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Over the past five years, I have developed a unique process I call, tinted woodburning. I begin  by burning the entire image into the surface of the wood using variety of marks to create patterns and textures. Once the image is complete, I then layer  transparent pigments, with intervals of sanding, to bring out the unique grain of the wood and enrich the  image. Finally, I collage areas of the piece using handmade and printed papers, maps, and hidden images—this final touch accentuates the details of the image, bringing light, color, and a  bit of whimsy. The result of my tinted woodburning process is a truly one-of-a-kind piece utilizing a one-of-a-kind process.

Each piece is a visual mediation. The process draws the viewer in to explore the variety of deep sepia marks made through burning the wood. The layers of undulating color mix with the  unique grain of the wood, which in itself becomes a presence within each piece. Carefully  selected areas "pop" with color through the use of collaged hand-printed papers, maps and even images from old children's books and texts. I often observe people getting so lost in the  surface of the work that they reach up to touch it, and I always invite them to do so! This process and the viewing of the work is a multi-sensory experience to be enjoyed as such.


The work has to be seen to be fully experienced, but I encourage you to enlarge the image on screen as you view each piece to glimpse the uniqueness of these pieces.

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