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An Image of artist Jack Stories sharint his stories


Jack Howe is a self-taught artist. His formal education ended in high school, where rather than exemplary work, he did “expellatory deeds.” Beginning as an avid antique collector, Jack became an artist in 1989, after a 7.1 earthquake crashed through his home in Santa Cruz, leaving his entire collection worthless in seconds. Since they had not lost their sentimental value he decided to turn the “debris” into art… to take something old and make something altogether new. 

Jack’s first show was “The Gluers” at Bedford Regional Arts Center in Walnut Creek, CA in 1993 with George Herms, Wallace Berman, and Satty. Soon after he started showing at The Wier Gallery in Berkeley, with R. Crumb, Stanley Mouse, and Jerry Garcia; as well as at Billy Shire’s La Luz de Jesus Gallery, on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, where many of Jack’s works graced the walls for years. 


Jack has shown at galleries throughout California, in New York, Seattle, Detroit, Scottsdale, Miami, Austin, Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong. His work has appeared in both major and indie films, and is held in corporate and private collections around the world. 

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