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When putting into words what motivates and inspires me as an artist, the first thought is that part of me ‘belongs’ to my art. It is difficult to describe, but there seems to exist a core self, that is fed and feeds me through drawing and immersing; it is a very humbling feeling to be part of an energy and source far greater than myself. To study the figure intensely and connect with it’s energy, to follow the lines and pathways, to explore connections throughout the form and around it’s edges, is blissful and emotional! Translating all these discoveries of a living, breathing, moving, fleeting moment, and to capture them honestly onto a flat canvas or piece of paper and be able to retain some of it’s essence feels like a responsibility and a privilege every time I do it and the enthusiasm is never diminished..


When Susie arrived in the US from England in 1991, Graphic Design Illustration became the foundation for her business Pommegraphis, providing both fine art and commercial illustration services. Her commercial clients included: United Airlines, Broderbund, Tsunami, Paramount Studios, Discovery Channel, Andersons, Cisco Systems, Seagate, Papyrus plus two major childrens' book projects.  

Working as an illustrator for Papyrus (the public outlet for Schurman Designs, the San Francisco based greeting card company), Susie published a range of popular greeting cards for international distribution and also a successful journal and address book. 

Over the years, Susie also developed an extensive clientele for large scale painting of mural art and commissioned oil paintings on gilded panels, in luxury residential and commercial settings.

Most recently, Susie has enjoyed building several successful figurative and still life drawing classes in the gallery.

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