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Margaret Rinkovsky's paintings are referential to landscapes. For this artist, nature serves as the stimulus for her oeuvre, not as a literal reflection but as a private and personal interpretive experience." This quote by George Neubert, former curator at the SFMOMA, aptly describes my ongoing approach to the landscape, specifically to this series which attempts to explore memory of a place, both personal and cultural. The paintings are based on multiple observations over time, while continuing to integrate allegorical and environmental issues. All of the paintings in this series have a similar experiential origin—memory, both visual and emotional, and thought.



Margaret Rinkovsky is a painter currently living in Santa Cruz, California. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from UCLA. She also holds a Masters of Arts degree in Printmaking and a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting, also from UCLA. Margaret is the recipient of the prestigious SECA Award from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, was a nominee to the American Academy of Arts in New York, and received the Distinguished Artist Award from the Santa Cruz Art League. She has exhibited nationally and has had numerous solo exhibitions, including the SECA Award exhibition at the SFMMA, "Temporal Structures," at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, "The ‘Odyssey Landscapes’ Reconsidered," at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, and "A Selection of Recent Paintings," at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel, California.

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