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Born from an artistic family, Paul Russell is an inventor and contemporary artist. Paul’s family line traces back to his great grandfather (Axel Larson), a professional wood carver, who immigrated from Sweden to the United States in 1890. Paul also looked up to his uncle, Donn Russell, who was a post war contemporary artist living on Nantucket and New York City. Donn’s galleries and art focused on painting, serigraphs, and sculptures and has been featured in many art and architecture publications, and has illustrations in such periodicals as the New York Times Book Reviews, The New Yorker, Time, Life and Fortune.

Paul has always had an interest in art and design but focused his 34 year career in field of distribution packaging rising to the level of a Director at Amazon, secured 27 US patents, and held various professional and University board positions. However, Paul stayed connected to his artistic passion with inventive projects, costumes, and parties for his children.

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