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Cheryl Moreno was born and raised on The Monterey Peninsula. She received her BA from Art Center College of Design. Cheryl works across a number of different mediums and is not bound to one. She is fascinated by history, cause and effect, adaptation, and best intentions. Cheryl pulls from imagination and memory. “My best moments in creating work are when I’m outside of myself, letting things come through in an unconscious way.” Cheryl’s studio is located in Soquel California.



Over the last four years, Cheryl has been working on scratchboard. She has developed a layering process making her own tools. In this body of work, Cheryl uses hand ground pigments belonging to her late artist father. She also uses inks to tint the clay surface. The process is both reductive and additive. Cheryl usually begins without a predetermined outcome which allows the images to emerge on their own.

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