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image of the logo used for TEN art exhibition



"My work is a visual record of repetitive tasks, measures, equations, and self-imposed limitations. I use simple methods and might choose materials that reflect a subject. For example, drawing with an ordinary #2 pencil is my nod to childhood. The latest work is about road trips, road maps, distance, etch-a-sketches, the 45th parallel, landmarks, midpoints, and Mr Irving’s geography class.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, I now live in Santa Cruz, California. I’ve exhibited at colleges, universities, non-profit institutions, museums, and commercial galleries in, among other places, San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and the Czech Republic. My work has been reviewed by Kenneth Baker, Leah Ollman, Peter Frank, David Roth, Joanna Szupinska, and others. It’s in private, corporate and public collections including The San Jose Museum of Art, The Crocker Museum, Santa Clara Medical Center, and Neiman Marcus. I was the recipient of The Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant, a nominee for the FID prize, and a three time nominee shortlisted for The Rydell Fellowship."

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